Teeth Whitening Leominster, Fitchburg MA

Twin City Dental features state-of-the-art technologies that are safe and very cost-effective. Our teeth whitening system utilizes the latest blue light whitening technology. Our Blue Light Systems are calibrated precisely for optimal activation of the hydrogen peroxide based whitening solution. 

Our special lighting systems intensify the release of hydroxyl radicals that accelerate the dissipation of tooth stains. The entire teeth whitening process is accelerated and able to be completed in just 15 minutes with instant results.

To start the treatment a Hydrogen Peroxide based whitening agent is applied to your teeth. We then place our cold blue light directly in front of your exposed teeth for 15 minutes per treatment. The biggest benefit of doing an in office treatment vs a take home kit is that you will see results immediately after the treatment. We also send you home with our maintenance kit that you'll use once or twice a month to help maintain your newly whitened teeth which will ultimately make your results last longer.

If you are tired of feeling hesitant to smile because your teeth are dull, dingy, or stained, contact us today to schedule your laser teeth whitening appointment.