Same Day Implants Leominster, Fitchburg MA

Like many patients, you may be considering dental implants after tooth extraction. With same-day implants Dr. Huang can insert the metal posts immediately after a tooth is removed. As a result, the implant and extraction sites can heal at the same time. This will shorten your overall recovery time and eliminate the need for multiple surgical procedures.

What Are Same-day Implants?

In many ways, same-day implants are similar to traditional implants. Dr. Huang will use our live navigation surgery system to place your implants with great precision. Made of biocompatible titanium, the implants will integrate with your bone tissue, replacing your tooth roots. The metal posts can then support a custom-made crown, bridge, or denture.

With same-day implants, Dr. Huang will extract your damaged teeth and place your implants during the same visit. Then she will attach a restoration, and you will leave the office with a fully restored smile. It will usually take about three to six months for your implants to integrate with your jawbone fully. When your recovery is complete, Dr. Huang will attach your permanent restoration.

Benefits of Same-day Implants

Normally, you would need to wait two to six months after an extraction to receive your traditional dental implants. Dr. Huang would perform an additional surgery to place your posts. Then you would need to wait several more months before she could attach your restoration.

In contrast, same-day implants involve fewer trips to the dentist, and the treatment can shorten your overall healing time by as much as 50%. In addition, you will leave the office with a completely natural-looking smile. Although you will need to eat a soft diet during your recovery, your smile will look very lifelike, thanks to advanced same-day implants.


Despite their many advantages, same-day implants are not right for everyone. Dr. Huang will conduct a full consultation to make sure that the treatment is appropriate for you. To qualify for same-day implants, you should not have any cavities, abscesses, or gum disease. It is also important that you have enough bone density. Dr. Huang will take computed tomography (CT) scans of your jaw, and the 3-D images will reveal signs of bone recession. Significant tissue loss will interfere with your ability to receive same-day implants, but you can still receive permanent implant posts.

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